FoalinMare DVD Insights Inside the Foaling Mare 4th Edition

By Erica Gee, Year 2015, File Type: Videos

Foalinmare dvd insights inside the foaling mare 4th edition

The fourth edition of the DVD” FoalinMare: insights inside the foaling mare” is an easily navigated and potentially valuable learning and reading tool for students and veterinarians. The DVD contains excellent high-definition movies on normal parturition and caesarean section in the mare, as well as numerous 3-D animations including those depicting normal fetal development, stages of parturition, dystocia, complications associated with parturition, and complications in the Inc pregnant mare. A degree of background obstetrical knowledge is assumed. Introduction to Animal and Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 4th Edition

The DVD is easy to navigate, with headings for each section, and multiple options to choose within each section. Each animation sequence is relatively short. The animations on normal fetal development are especially oral’ for undergraduate students as they clearly depict and explain the relationship of different fetal layers such as the position of the equine amnion relative to the chorioallantois and the umbilicus.

While textbooks describe these positions in words and diagrams. the DVD has the advantage of a 3-13 approach such that students can easily visualize the concept, and thus aid in their understanding. Simi-lady the dystocia and frenotomy animations are especially valuable teaching tools for veterinary students, although experienced practitioners will agree that the approaches are very simplified. The foaling movie is an extremely useful introduction to normal parturition in the mare for those who have not attended a foaling in person: however the suggestion that all foals should be bottle-fed colostrum is very contentious in this pan of the world.

All sequences are eloquently narrated, with the option of narration in four languages other than English. and subtitles in an additional seven languages. There are a few typographical errors in headings and titles, random apostrophes. and some of the terminology used will be unfamiliar to our Australasian atofience but these should not detract from this well-priced, valuable teaching resource. Future projects by the FoalinMare producers include another DVD on rectal and ultrasonographic examination of the mare. This DVD is highly recommended for students and veterinarians to aid in undemanding the normal events of parturition and approaches to resolving problems associated with panurition.

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