Fish Nutrition 3rd Edition Free PDF. This third edition of Fish Nutrition was reviewed and updated with selections from the myriad of publications which have appeared in the literature on fish nutrition since the previous 1989 edition.

Fish Nutrition 3rd Edition Free PDF

Fish Nutrition 3rd Edition

During this decade aqua-culture continued to advance more rapidly than any other field of animal production in the world, and it is expected to continue to expand to provide fish for a growing world population. As aquaculture production increases, it must contend with rapidly approaching limits on key feed ingredients and on increasing sensitivity to the effects of aquaculture on the aquatic environment. Many of these effects are associated with diet, so fish nutrition research must focus on increasing the efficiency of production and on lowering environmental effects through increased nutrient retention. This will provide safe and nutritious fishery products in a sustainable and environmentally compatible fashion.

Over 200 fish species have been examined as potential targets for fish production to utilize the special advantages of an animal capable of growing efficiently in a wide variety of temperatures and ionic-strength waters. Universities, research centers, and various government agencies have adopted fish as an important agricultural animal, with a resultant plethora of publications from scientists in many countries focused on an increasing number of fishes and their nutritional requirements. Since it would have been impossible to include all these reports in this book, the authors have focused on selected demonstrations of nutrient requirements and metabolism which summarize the basic and applied principles of fish nutrition. Animal Feeding and Nutrition PDF

This book would not have been possible without the dedicated and demanding efforts of the chapter authors to condense fragmented and often contradictory information in the literature and from their own laboratories into succinct discussions and presentations of the principles of fish nutrient requirements and metabolism. Their efforts are sincerely appreciated. The reader is invited to compare the developments in fish nutrition which have occurred since the first edition appeared in 1972.

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