Euthanasia of the Companion Animal: The Impact on Pet Owners, Veterinarians, and Society

by William J. Kay, Published: 1988, FileType: PDF

Euthanasia of the companion animal the impact on pet owners veterinarians and society

Euthanasia of the Companion Animal, Although a well-established and accepted practice in veterinary medicine, euthanasia of very old and incurably sick animals, especially pets, still raises many troubling moral and ethical questions. What’s more, the emotional response to this elective form of death is often far-reaching and profound for those involved in the decision and its implementation. Under what circumstances, then, is euthanasia the best choice, and how should it be performed? How can veterinarians, helping professionals and pet owners cope with the stress of this difficult decision and its aftermath. These issues are explored from a variety of perspectives in this unique collection of essays by 37 contributors, including veterinarians, social workers, psychologists and animal/pet owners.

The topic of euthanasia is an extremely difficult one. Inherent in this subject are substantial moral, ethical, emotional, cultural and practical complexities; moreover, euthanasia is an issue that quickly polarizes people whose perspectives and values differ. This book is a useful and balanced addition to the scant literature in this area. It consists of a collection of 31 individual papers contributed by authors with expertise in various aspects of euthanasia. As such, it speaks to a broad readership. Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques: A Practical Guide

The authors and editors have done a superior job in that the articles are well-written, readable and well-focused. Most veterinarians will be interested in at least a few of the papers; many will find value in most of them. Such veterinarians will find this reasonably priced book a valued addition to their libraries.

This book contains a wealth of information concerning the moral, ethical and clinical issues involved in this stressful situation. The writings present the forthright thought of owners, veterinarians, psychologists, social workers and clergy concerning pet loss and owner grief.

For all veterinarians, social scientists and those seeking information on the subspecialty of medicine, thanatology, this text is recommended as a readable and singular source.

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