Equine Nutrition and Feeding Pdf Download

Equine Nutrition and Feeding Pdf Download, The increased attention given to equine nutritional issues during the last 6–7 years by research groups around the world, has prompted me to revise the 2nd edition of this book.

Equine Nutrition and Feeding Pdf Download

Equine Nutrition And Feeding Pdf Download
The preparation of this edition entailed the careful reading of the previous edition and with it the embarrassing discovery of a few errors, including one or two in equations, which I have now corrected.
It has been necessary to revise all chapters and other sections, some to a greater extent than others. The increased understanding of gastrointestinal tract function has led to a considerable number of changes to Chapters 1 and 2.

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The volume of work that has been undertaken with regard to skeletal growth and development (Chapters 7 and 8) has partly explained the mechanisms involved in endochondral ossification, but the story is incomplete. Work has been undertaken into the causes of several metabolic diseases (Chapter 11), but as yet their aetiology is obscure.

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