Equine Clinical Medicine Surgery and Reproduction 2nd Edition by Graham Munroe December 2019,This fully-revised new edition of the best-selling Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction is supported by over 1800 illustrations of the highest quality: colour photographs, diagnostic images including MRI and CT, and diagrams.

Equine Clinical Medicine Surgery and Reproduction 2nd Edition

Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery And Reproduction 2nd Edition pdf

System-based, the chapters introduce each individual system with precise information on the relevant basic anatomy and physiology, standard clinical examination techniques and useful differential diagnostic aids. This is followed by diseases and disorders that are pertinent to that system, grouped together either anatomically or based on presenting clinical signs. Each condition is described using consistent headings: definition/overview, etiology and pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, differential diagnoses, management/treatment, and prognosis. Additional chapters deal with the foal and wounds.

New to the second edition:

– All chapters are updated throughout

– Additional chapters on the axial musculoskeletal system (neck, back and pelvis) and muscle diseases and problems

– A whole new section on soft tissue injuries of the foot

– More information on diagnostic tests including over-ground endoscopy, chest and liver ultrasonography, head CT, and foot MRI

– Material on equine dentistry, neurology, endocrine system, the foal, and the liver has been considerably expanded

– All illustrations and photographs have been reviewed and many replaced with higher quality images.

The focus throughout remains on providing clinically relevant information required for practical case management, plus sufficient background on causes and disease processes to enable readers to understand the conditions and the rationale for diagnostic and treatment options. An international group of respected clinicians have come together under the editorship of Dr Graham Munroe to create a textbook that will be of lasting value as a teaching and training resource for equine clinical teachers and their students in veterinary medicine and related equine courses, as well as a ready reference for non-specialist mixed or equine clinical practitioners.

This new edition, as well as incorporating an extensive revision of the original text, incorporates new chapters on wound management, critical care, anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging…The book is well illustrated throughout and the reproduction of the colour images is outstanding.

This is an ideal book for the veterinary students wanting to dip into equine medicine and surgery. The widespread? use of bullet points and? short punchy paragraphs, in conjunction with an excellent index and contents list, makes the text very easy to read and to navigate, and this second edition is certain to become just as popular as the already well-established first edition. Good value and to be recommended.

In the majority of chapters, a varying amount of the information and illustrations is from the first edition, and therefore the authors of this material are duly cited. Authors of any new material in the second edition are cited separately. In some cases, there are completely new chapters. The axial skeleton has been split into three new chapters, namely the neck, the back and the pelvis, to reflect the enormous importance of these anatomical areas in lameness and poor performance veterinary work.

There is a new chapter on muscle diseases to highlight the ever increasing information on this group of problems, which are often not considered by the general equine practitioner. The foot chapter has been substantially enlarged to accommodate the large amount of new evidence relating particularly to soft-tissue injuries of this area. The surgical conditions of the upper respiratory tract chapter have been modified extensively to take into account new diagnostic techniques, such as over-ground endoscopy, and new standing treatment techniques. Similarly, the upper gastrointestinal tract chapter, and especially the dentistry material, has been extensively revised.

The liver chapter has been completely rewritten, by one of the world’s leading experts, from a more clinical presentation orientation, which will make it more user-friendly for the practitioner. The chapters on the endocrine and nervous systems, plus that on the foal, have been extensively revised and updated to reflect the huge improvement in clinical knowledge in these areas.

Unfortunately, due to constraints on the size of the book, the decision was made to sacrifice the behavioural problems chapter to allow all the enlargements noted above. This was not taken lightly, as these problems are very important and common.

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