Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research

Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research. This book is devoted to the basics of key physiological mechanisms associated with the development and growth of fish larvae.

Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research

Emerging Issues In Fish Larvae Research

These chapters show how environmental and nutritional conditions affect the development process from its molecular basis and how these same conditions also affect the final characteristics of late larvae and fry. This volume presents the latest data on the importance of environmental rhythms, certain specific nutrients and an adequate microbial environment in development processes, including recent results from ongoing research projects. Genomics and Biotechnological Advances in Veterinary Poultry and Fisheries

The research effort on larvae is now moving beyond the strict interest for growing fish; it is also focusing on using them as model organisms for fundamental research. Moreover, the numerous species being studied within the context of aquaculture will help to uncover both the variability and the similarities within this diverse group of vertebrates.

Instead of providing broad overviews covering general topics in larval fish biology, this book presents examples of novel research in fish larvae with very specific objectives. It refers to current advances derived from recent projects and a doctoral thesis targeted at filling specific gaps in our knowledge.

By representing alternative points of view, the different chapters show how rearing and environmental conditions affect physiology and developmental processes from a molecular basis, and how these factors influence the final characteristics of late larvae and juveniles.

Overall, this book will point to recent findings on the importance of environmental cycles, some specific nutrients, and the microbial environment on developmental processes. There are more emerging topics of interest, but with these few examples we hope to illustrate the dynamism of current research within this field. These are exciting times for biologists and the discipline of biology—especially when the target of the research is fish larvae.

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