Dukes Physiology of Domestic Animals PDF. The vision of Dr Dukes for his textbook The Physiology of Domestic Animals, which was to provide students of veterinary medicine with a suitable textbook for their courses in physiology.

Dukes’ Physiology of Domestic Animals PDF

Dukes' Physiology Of Domestic Animals PDF

This book is very useful to students in animal husbandry and practitioners of veterinary medicine, has been a goal throughout all the years since the first edition and is being continued with the 13th edition.

Many features of the previous edition will be continued that include the following for each chapter.

1 The text content is preceded by an outline listing the first‐ and second‐order headings.
2 A brief introduction.
3 A list of questions that precede each first‐order heading that alert students to important information that follows. Answers to the questions will be found in the text that follows.
4 Key words are in bold color on first use.
5 Meaningful self‐evaluation exercises are provided at the end of each chapter that feature important facts or concepts.
6 Answers, explanations, or solutions are provided for each self‐evaluation exercise.

Conscientious use of the above features provide not only an organized study when first used, but also a quick review when needed for future use.

An important change was made for the renal and respiratory chapters. Previously the entire topic of each was presented in a single chapter. Now, the one single chapter has been divided into several chapters where emphasis can be focused on a single concept. This will facilitate lecture organization and selective referral.

A notable addition to this edition is the provision of full color throughout. The use of color not only enhances the attractiveness but also provides a means for contrast within the text and figures.

Other features include a downloaded version of the 13th edition available online. All figures and tables will be on PowerPoint to facilitate lecture presentations. An effort has been made to reduce pagination of the volume while at the same time providing increasing font size and space for figures and tables. Overall, the 13th edition of Dukes’ Physiology of Domestic Animals will continue with its classic stature as a comprehensive resource, not only stressing basic physiology with application to animals, but also with updated features to assist teaching effectiveness.

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