Diseases and Parasites of Horses and Mules PDF

By Gove Hambidge, Published: 2014, FileType: PDF

Diseases and parasites of horses and mules

The book “Diseases and Parasites of Horses and Mules PDF ” divided into 10 chapters:

1. Equine Encephalomyelitis
2. Equine Infectious Anemia or Swamp Fever
3. Periodic Ophthalmia of Horses
4. Glanders
5. Dourine
6. Miscellaneous Diseases of Equines
7. Internal Parasites of Horses and Mules
8. Mange in Equines
9. Horse Bots and Their Control
10. Some Insect Pests of Horses and Mules

Diseases and Parasites of Horses and Mules PDF, Equally useful as a handy reference source for students of Veterinary courses and also for practicing veterinarians. The book compiles the necessary available information related to various diseases of the Horses & Mules. The text has been aptly illustrated through photographs and a comprehensive subject index have been provided to enhance the utility of the book.

Medicinal or other treatments may be used by the veterinarian to relieve certain symptoms in a sick animal. The caretaker’s job is to follow instructions and do everything possible to keep the animal comfortable.

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Various other diseases, some of which affect the brain, may be confused with encephalomyelitis, including moldy corn poisoning, plant poisoning, tick paralysis, anthrax, shipping fever, swamp fever, rabies, heat stroke, brain tumors and abscesses, mechanical injuries, botulism, azoturia, and an acute, highly fatal malady called toxic hematogenous icterus which seems to follow encephalomyelitis in some areas.

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