Dairy Cattle Welfare in Practice

 By Eva Mainau, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Dairy cattle welfare in practice

Dairy Cattle Welfare in Practice takes a very practical approach, first outlining what welfare is, using the Five Freedoms as a baseline before making the business case for good welfare. It demonstrates how poor welfare can lead to economic losses and using case studies to show how welfare improvements have led to increased productivity. Assessing animal welfare on the farm is also covered and practical strategies for improving welfare on the farm are provided. Rebhun’s Diseases of Dairy Cattle 3rd Edition

Dairy Cattle: Animal Welfare in Practice, structured in 10 chapters, translates the scientific knowledge of the welfare of dairy cattle into practice. The book includes definitions of animal welfare and key scientific approaches to welfare issues related to feeding, housing, health, and behaviour. These chapters provide a scientifically based outline for how to evaluate the welfare of dairy cattle at a farm level. They pay special attention to the animal-based measures, although other environ-mentally based and management-based parameters are also described.

The later chapters focus on the most pressing welfare challenges in dairy cattle, such as milking, drying-off, calving, and pre-weaning. The emphasis is not just on discussing problems, but on identifying strategies for improving welfare. These issues are elaborated by well-known experts in their field. This unique approach has added value compared with other books because of the practical approach and experience in field work.

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