Clinical Veterinary Microbiology

Clinical Veterinary Microbiology, This is a great reference. It has good charts and lots of wonderful pictures. We use it in our veterinary diagnostic bacteriology lab.

Clinical Veterinary Microbiology

Clinical veterinary microbiology

It may help some, but not a lot, if you are looking for diseases from a veterinarian’s point of view. If you need to isolate and identify bacteria this book is indispensable. It is the best lab reference available for veterinary bacteriology. No lab should be without it.

Veterinary diagnostic microbiology is concerned with the recognition of a large number of microorganisms that either cause, or are frequently associated with infectious diseases of animals.

This book is intended as an illustrated text to assist those with some previous microbiological experience. It is particularly intended for veterinary graduates and undergraduates, laboratory staff in veterinary diagnostic laboratories and allied areas. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on the macroscopic and microscopic recognition of microbial pathogens, tests used to distinguish microorganisms and confirm their identification and, where appropriate, the chemotherapy, control and prevention of individual infectious diseases.

Specific sections deal with laboratory safety, collection and submission of specimens, essential laboratory equipment and standard procedures for the culture and identification of bacterial and fungal pathogens. The latter sections are organised so as to facilitate the recognition of the more important features of bacterial and fungal colonies and the application of biochemical and other tests for the identification of pathogens from clinical specimens.

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