Clinical Veterinary Advisor – The Horse PDF

Clinical Veterinary Advisor – The Horse PDF Download. The purpose of the Clinical Veterinary Advisor is to provide an entry point between these two extremes by using a template-based format, photographs, and a multi section approach.

Clinical Veterinary Advisor – The Horse PDF

Clinical Veterinary Advisor The Horse PDF Download
It aims to present a concise review of the most useful information while covering six of the major facets of equine practice: diseases and disorders, procedures and techniques, differential diagnoses, algorithm-based decision making, laboratory tests, and medications. As a bridge between the comprehensive coverage of a specialty text and a quick reference guide, the Clinical Veterinary Advisor has been created to present the information that practitioners seek when we turn to a reference for help.
Section I, Diseases and Disorders, describes the most important elements of commonly encountered illnesses and presenting complaints of horses. The material is presented in a way that follows the natural progression of a typical case: back-ground information is presented first, including the definition of the topic, synonyms, and epidemiological facts.
Section II is Procedures and Techniques. This section describes more than 80 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures specific to equine practice. The procedures range in complexity from the relatively simple, such as urinary catheterization or skin biopsy, to the advanced, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection or metered-dose inhalation therapy. Here, too, the material is presented in a streamlined and formatted way by specialists who either have pioneered these procedures or are proficient in their use. The intent is to allow a reader to feel prepared to perform the procedures if his or her training and skills are otherwise adequate, or else to understand what is involved in a procedure when preparing to refer a patient to another practice or institution.

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