Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals 6th Edition PDF

Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals 6th Edition PDF.  It has been more than a decade since the publication of the fifth edition, and understandably numerous changes have come about, not the least of which are changes in authorship as well as rapid progress in the various fields of clinical scientific endeavor.

Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals 6th Edition PDF

Clinical Biochemistry Of Domestic Animals 6th Edition PDF

First of all, we’d like to pay tribute to a number of our previous authors who have passed away since the publication of the fifth edition. Notably, they are Drs. Duane F. Brobst (Pancreas), Charles C. Capen (Calcium), Jens G. Hauge (Genetics), and Joseph E. Smith (Iron). All succumbed to cancers of various types except for Dr. Smith, who died in a tragic auto accident. Others have retired and chose not to contribute or to contribute in a secondary role.

All of these authors contributed greatly to previous editions and are sorely missed as contributors at the forefront of their respective fields. It is to all these contributors that the editors of this current edition wish to dedicate this new volume. New lead authors have been identified and have contributed ably to this edition.
As in previous editions, this edition continues to promote the concept of the Systeme International d’Unites (SI units) with the hope and expectation that ultimately it may be universally accepted.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to Melissa Turner and Kristi Anderson, who have ably shepherded us through the intricacies of dealing with a new publisher, Elsevier, who purchased Academic Press, the publisher for the first five editions. Our thanks also go to Julie Ochs who has ably guided us through the final steps of the printing and publication process. They have all been extremely diligent, having been almost at our beck and call for assistance, clarification, guidance, and encouragement at every step of the way. To all three of our publisher contacts, we are extremely grateful.

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