Clinical Avian Medicine 1 and 2 Volume PDF. The future of avian medicine and stewardship is increasingly bright. Clinical Avian Medicine offers knowledge gleaned from years of clinical experience, combined with cutting edge research.

Clinical Avian Medicine 1 and 2 Volume PDF

Clinical Avian Medicine 1 And 2 Volume PDF 1

Importation of wild-caught birds has been largely curtailed, and the vestiges of unethical (yet legal) loopholes as well as illegal venues for smuggling are being actively and more effectively opposed. With the cessation of mass importation, along with vastly improved nutritional provisions, increased diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and a better understanding of the emotional needs of our pet birds, we are privileged to observe the first generations of captive-born psittacines that may survive to attain their optimal quality and length of life.

Clinical Avian Medicine offers knowledge gleaned from years of clinical experience, combined with cutting edge research. New methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases are included in the areas of virology, neoplasia, dermatology, neurology, necropsy techniques, hepatic disease, pain management, behavior, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, anesthesia, endoscopy, reproductive disorders, nephrology, hematology, biochemistry, endocrinology, gastroenterology, and therapeutics. Novel topics such as low-risk (i.e., environmentally safe) pest control and integrative (alternative) avian medicine are provided. The approaches and coverage of all these topics by contributing authors are both enlightening and readily applicable to clinical practice.

Anecdotal, yet often invaluable, clinical information regarding avian disease syndromes, treatment, husbandry and nutrition are included in Clinical Avian Medicine. The exclusion of these essentials would be an impediment to the practitioner searching for information to provide treatment for his or her avian patient. Anecdotal reports can create concern with efficacy and safety if not appropriately identified. Therefore, throughout this text, we have attempted to indicate the source of the stated information, allowing the individual veterinarian to determine its applicability.

Unarguably, strict scientific methods are needed to document the validity of diagnostic and treatment protocols. Yet we must not squelch the introduction of innovative and potentially life-saving techniques in clinical practice due to delays in the completion of scientific validation. Our duty as authors and editors is to present the facts as they currently stand. We believe this availability of information has the potential to enhance the quality of avian medicine, surgery and husbandry when placed in the discriminating hands of veterinary practitioners.

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