Cattle Behaviour and Welfare, 2nd Edition

 by Clive Phillips, Published: October 2002, FileType: PDF

Cattle behaviour and welfare, 2nd edition

Cattle are one of our major domesticated animals, a higher mammal with complex mental and physical needs. The benefit of a knowledge of cattle behaviour means veterinarians and stock people can recognise abnormal behaviour signs for disease diagnosis and indication of an inadequate environment.

This book replaces the book Cattle Behaviour, written by the same author and published by Farming Press in 1993. The text has been revised and updated and four new chapters on cattle welfare have been added. The main interest of many reading a book on behaviour is its relation to the welfare of the species, so the combination of welfare and behaviour is a logical one. Farm Animal Behaviour Characteristics for Assessment of Health and Welfare 2nd Edition

  • gives comprehensive scientific explanation of the behaviours many veterinarians and stock people will be familiar with but never understood
  • one of the only books dedicated to the field of behaviour and welfare of cattle
  • now includes welfare, an increasingly important subject for stock people and vets alike
  • draws together a wide range of research findings from all over the world and presents them concisely and readably.

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