Manual of Canine and Feline Neurology 4th Edition

by Simon Platt, File Type: PDF , Publish: April, 2013

Manual of canine and feline neurology 4th edition

Neurology cases in veterinary medicine are still some of the most challenging and frustrating cases that are seen. The availability of MRI and the advances in this diagnostic technique’s capabilities have made neurology more accessible, though unfortunately more expensive and potentially more complicated. As other specialties have also advanced, the effects of long-term systemic diseases, ongoing cancer control and new drugs for many diseases of the nervous system create novel problems for us to deal with. However, the neurological examination has remained the mainstay of patient evaluation and monitoring. It is from this basis that we can keep neurology as straightforward as it should be, with advances only making the diagnostics and treatments more successful.

In compiling this Manual of Canine and Feline Neurology 4th Edition we have retained the original broad sections of the third edition, dealing with diagnostic procedures and the clinical presentations and therapeutics of neurological diseases. We have added a new chapter addressing the genetic aspect of neurological diseases, which reflects the advances made in molecular biology over the last decade and the need for us to identify breed associations and counsel pet owners on breeding policies.

We have also added a new chapter in the therapeutics section of the Manual, which details the science behind the traditional Chinese approach to adjunctive medicine for neurological conditions. Adjunctive treatment approaches to diseases of the nervous system are being requested by a greater proportion of owners but unfortunately it is not an area that we are especially knowledgeable in. This new chapter serves as an introduction to one area of adjunctive medicine, which includes acupuncture and focuses on what we know and what benefits such treatment could offer in the future. This chapter serves to remind us that multi modal therapy should be considered whenever possible.

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Any updated neurology text would be incomplete without describing the advances made in the use of MRI. The neuroimaging chapter now contains more examples of the use of MRI in neurodiagnostics and provides an explanation of specialized imaging techniques now used in veterinary medicine. Each clinical presentation chapter contains expanded descriptions of MRI findings, reflecting the value of this modality in the field of neurology. Throughout the book, each chapter contains updated reviews of the diseases we see affecting dogs and cats and the treatments that are currently available. The latter is seen most prominently in the seizure chapter, which details the new anticonvulsant drugs that we now use routinely in our epilepsy cases.

The major addition for the fourth edition is the accompanying DVD, which contains many movies of the neurological examination and examples of lesion localization. In addition, many chapters have videos to complement the descriptions of the neurological diseases given in the text. This is a truly valuable bonus to the text given the fact that neurology is such a visual subject.

Given all the advances, it would be easy to over-complicate the approach to the neurological case in practice. However, throughout the compilation of the Manual we have always remained aware that the focus should be on the practicalities of diagnosis and treatment that veterinarians in practice and students need to know. At the same time, this book should provide useful information for those specializing in neurology as well as imaging, critical care and internal medicine through up-to-date disease descriptions and extensive referencing. Many of the contributors from the third edition have returned to update their chapters and we are very grateful for their time and expertise in helping us compile what we believe to be an exciting new addition to everyone’s library of references.

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