Blood Pressure in Cats and Dogs: A Clinical Manual

by Enrique Ynaraja Ramírez, Published: June 2018, FileType: EPUB

Blood pressure in cats and dogs a clinical manual

A practical and simple manual on the methods and techniques to measure blood pressure in cats and dogs, how to interpret the results obtained, and the recommended treatments. It includes a brief review of the current official recommendations of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM), with clear rules and guidelines.

This textbook, Blood Pressure in Cats and Dogs. A Clinical Manual , is simultaneously both a very modest and relatively ambitious project. It is modest because it is not intended to be comprehensive, exhaustive, extensive or even very deep, it just tries to review some general concepts and practical ideas while offering some straightforward solutions and direct answers to problems and doubts we may all come across when measuring our patients’ blood pressure. Common Clinical Presentations in Dogs and Cats by Ryane

Which monitor is better or which can I afford? How should I position the patient? Where do I measure the pressure? Which cuff should I use on a cat? What are the maximum and minimum normal values in a healthy dog? These doubts are common to all of us and the various chapters of this book try to resolve them.

However, it is also an ambitious project because of the limited amount of up-to-date, practical sources of reference that can help us progress in the area of blood pressure. In addition, Servet’s editorial staff have contributed by enriching the text with some magnificent complementary graphics that quickly help us visualise and understand the concepts explained within.

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