Bearded Dragon Manual, 3rd Edition PDF: Expert Advice for Keeping and Caring for a Healthy Bearded Dragon (Companion House Books) Habitat, Heat, Diet, Behavior, Personality, Illness, Training, FAQ and More

By Philippe De Vosjoli, Published: 2022, FileType: PDF

Bearded dragon manual 3rd edition pdf

Bearded Dragon Manual, 3rd Edition PDF, The bearded dragon is widely considered the best reptile to keep as a pet! Hailing from Australia, the beardie is a favorite among herpetoculturists and hobbyists alike.

This updated edition of Bearded Dragon Manual promises to excite new and seasoned herp enthusiasts with its in-depth discussion on all aspects of dragon keeping. Packed with valuable information that will help you learn how to take quality care of your pet, this book takes a close look at all the characteristics that have made these attractive lizards so popular in the pet world. Handbook of Exotic Pet Medicine

The perfect book for anyone who owns—or wants to own—a bearded dragon!

  • Informative guide packed with everything you need to know to take quality care of your bearded dragon
  • Tips and guidance for selecting healthy, thriving bearded dragons as pets or for breeding
  • Understanding behavior, personality traits, and anatomy
  • Feeding a nutritionally sound diet, including supplements, at your dragon’s different life stages
  • Proper habitat and how to design and maintain comfort with heat sources, lighting, and substrates
  • Recognizing illness and injury, how to handle health issues, and dragon-keeping FAQs
  • New sections on training, play, enrichment, accessories, and fun activities

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