Bacterial Skin Infections in Small Animals

 by Alberto Martin Cordero, Published: August 2019, FileType: Epub

Bacterial skin infections in small animals

This book describes the most common bacterial skin infections affecting cats and dogs, their clinical presentation, and aetiological agents, besides offering practical techniques and advice for their identification and management using clear images, tables, and diagrams. It also facilitates veterinary surgeons with the tools to treat resistant infections and explains the latest developments in topical and systemic treatments.

Writing a book about bacterial skin infections presents many challenges. The main challenge is taking the reader (the clinical veterinary surgeon) beyond the basic concepts taught in university classrooms about bacterial infections. The second challenge is integrating preexisting knowledge with newer concepts such as the equilibrium of the patient’s microbiota, a topic that has received considerable research attention of late and will no doubt continue to occupy column inches in medical journals. The third challenge is to accompany the reader on the search for the source of the bacterial skin infection, and to move away from the idea of merely treating the infection itself. McCurnin’s Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians 8th Edition

Finally, it is essential to change the prescribing habits of clinical veterinary surgeons and to impress upon them the importance of correct use of antimicrobial agents. This is the most important change required in order to wage an effective war on the problem of growing bacterial resistance. It also poses the greatest challenge, since it requires modification of habits acquired over many years.

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