Avian Medicine 3 Edition Book Free PDF Download. This book is a testament to the advances, not only in falcon medicine, but also in Avian Medicine in general worldwide.

Avian Medicine 3 Edition Book Free PDF Download

Avian Medicine 3 Edition Book Free PDF Download

In the previous editions there has been a great emphasis on using photographic material from species seldom included in other books such as falcons and bustards. I have tried, together with the group of the most generous contributors I have ever worked with, to balance this with other species. I sincerely hope the result is satisfactory to the reader. You will notice some welcome additions to the table of contents as well as new contributors from every corner of the world.

My association with falcons and falconry in the Middle East started in 1983 when I was asked to fly to the State of Bahrain to attend a bilateral bumblefoot case in a saker (Falco cherrug) falcon that belonged to the King of Saudi Arabia. If I say that from that day onward I became fascinated with falcons it would be an understatement and I have been devoted to falcon medicine ever since. Consequently, during my entire professional career spanning the past 30 years or so, I have strived to promote falcon medicine as a true specialty.

Combining the in-depth coverage of a text with the practicality of a clinical manual and the visual detail of an atlas, Avian Medicine3rd Edition is the complete, all-in-one guide to every aspect of avian care. Written by some of the world’s leading authorities in avian medicine, this highly illustrated reference covers a wide variety of avian species ― including psittacines, raptors, bustards, parrots, finches, and more.

Comprehensive coverage includes issues ranging from the basic aspects of patient management to the most sophisticated diagnostic techniques. Plus, with more illustrations, a wealth of practical advice, and the latest information on cutting-edge treatments and procedures incorporated into this new edition, today’s general clinician will be fully equipped to effectively and confidently care for all birds.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of clinical management written by leading experts in the field provides readers with a depth and breadth of knowledge on avian medicine and care.
  • Coverage of a wide variety of species ― including raptors, bustards, and many others ― enables practitioners to treat a greater assortment of patients with more confidence and skill.
  • Bulleted text and tables help present information in an accessible way.
  • More than 900 color images give readers a better picture of disease and how it will be encountered in practice.
  • Appendices bring together wide-ranging data on hematology and blood chemistry reference values, commonly used pharmaceutics and other information relevant to avian practitioners.
  • NEW! New chapter sections, revised references, and updated suggested readings ensure that readers have the most up-to-date information.
  • NEW! New chapter contributors ensure the information in the text reflects the most current techniques and advances.
  • NEW! Expanded content on parrots, finches and fruit-eating birds has been added to the text to make content more relevant to the needs of today’s practitioners.
  • NEW! Thoroughly updated content includes the latest surgical techniques and procedures to keep practitioners on top of the most cutting-edge information in the field.
  • NEW! Additional content and images on MRI have been incorporated throughout the text to complete the coverage of other advanced imaging techniques such as CT scans.

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