Avian Influenza or Bird Flu

By S. Nandi, Published: 2021, FileType: PDF

Avian influenza or bird flu

Avian Influenza or Bird Flu, Influenza remains an important disease in humans, animals and birds. Avian influenza (AI) earlier known as fowl plaque or fowl pest, a highly contagious and infectious disease of birds, is now popularly known as avian flu or bird flu. All birds are thought to be vulnerable to avian influenza but poultry chicken, turkeys, quails, guinea fowls etc are more prone to AI virus which may reach rapidly to epidemic proportion. Poultry Health, A Guide for Professionals

Influenza A viruses infecting poultry can be divided into two types: low pathogenicity avian influenza (LPAI) and highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) or bird flu. Highly pathogenic AI has seriously affected poultry farmers whenever and wherever it has appeared. Historically, outbreaks of HPAI have occurred in all continents. Avian influenza virus is generally limited to poultry but an unprecedented epizootic of avian influenza A that is highly pathogenic has jumped the species barrier in Asia to cause many human fatalities and likely to pose an increasing pandemic threat.

The book is written in a very simple and lucid manner so that everybody can read and understand very easily. The book is useful for scientist, teachers, students, officers, diagnosticians and general public as bird flu has become a hot and burning topic now-a-days and everybody will get lot of information about it. This book will provide information on the history, etiology, Pathogenesis, transmission, epidemiology, diagnosis and control of the bird flu. Besides, the receptors of influenza viruses, susceptibility of influenza Viruses to physical and chemical agent, recent major outbreaks of avian influenza, influenza pandemics, collection and dispatch of materials for diagnosis of bird flu, avian influenza in wild birds and methods of killing of poultry in the event of an outbreak have been dealt with.

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