Avian Anatomy Textbook and Colour Atlas 2nd Edition. The publication of the 2nd edition of the German Bird anatomy was met with great enthusiasm and success by students and practitioners.

Avian Anatomy Textbook and Colour Atlas 2nd Edition

Avian Anatomy Textbook And Colour Atlas 2nd Edition Www.veterinarydiscussions.net

Bringing together annotated images and anatomical terms, this reference book is a unique combination of a practical, clinically oriented textbook and pictorial atlas of avian anatomy. Containing very high quality photographs, including histological and radiographic images, and schematic diagrams, this edition focuses on ornamental birds and poultry. Among the various species examined are chickens, ducks, and geese, as well as budgerigars, psitaccines and many others. Wild bird species, such as the common buzzard and falcon, are included.

Raptors are featured in a dedicated new chapter. Translated from Anatomie der Voegel, first published by Schattauer, this edition of Avian Anatomy is an ideal book for veterinary practitioners and students. *** “…a wealth of knowledge. Aside from anatomy, the book contains 7 chapters that are dedicated to clinically relevant topics, such as diagnostic imaging techniques, restraint and handling, and medication techniques. This book is an excellent reference for avian veterinarians, poultry specialists, veterinary students, and others interested in enhancing their knowledge of avian anatomy.” –Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 252, No. 6, March 15, 2018[Subject: Veterinary Medicine, Avian Health]

Thanks to close cooperation between authors and translators, can be supplemented with a bibliography recent publications, to eliminate inconsistencies in the nomenclature and correct errors. This applies to clinical components of this preparatory educational text. As a result, therefore, is not only a direct translation, and intensively revised and updated version of the 2nd German edition. For this purpose, Dr. Klupiec deserves the highest praise and recognition. At the same time, we express our thanks again 5th Publishing to create, with the publication of this edition, a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge in the field of avian Veterinary.

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