Atlas of Chick Development 3rd Edition

Atlas of Chick Development 3rd Edition Free PDF Book Download. We have retained the same layout in this book as previously, though the main sections have been expanded and, hopefully, improved.

Atlas of Chick Development 3rd Edition

Atlas Of Chick Development 3rd Edition Free PDF Book Download
The first and smaller part, the text, is intended to provide a background to some of the more critical events in chick development. We do not attempt a complete coverage of all the literature but, where possible, refer the reader to the most important reviews on the subject. In such a rapidly moving field, those with specialist knowledge may regret the absence of specific features but will, we hope, realise the impossibility of covering every aspect.
As in previous editions, the major part of the book is devoted to labelled plates illustrating the structure of the chick embryo in a sequence of stages up to 13 days of incubation, by which time all the major tissues and organs are in place. In this edition, we have included several important stages that were absent previously, whilst some of the original specimens have been rephotographed to provide more detail. Where appropriate, we have supplemented existing plates with enlargements of regions of special interest or complexity. In addition, the number of coloured images has been increased.
Once again we are indebted to colleagues who have helped us in various ways. At University College London, Claudio Stern and members of his laboratory guided us through preparation of much of the new material, whilst Tim Arnett expertly photographed some of the larger sections, and Susan Evans kindly checked the labeling of certain structures.
Jeremy Cook helped us recover essential image files from the previous editions, which were thought to be lost forever. At the Technical University of Dresden, Hans Epperlein and his colleagues Yuka Taniguchi, Thomas Kurthe, Susanne Weiche and Anja Menge prepared frozen, sectioned material. Monika Jacob from the University of Bochum helped with the presentation of Plate 52. Ian Lindsley gave us invaluable advice on the use of Photoshop, Emma St. Joseph sorted out computer problems and Heather Coltman advised on aspects of photography. All these colleagues and friends gave generously of their time and expertise, and we greatly appreciate their kindness. Nevertheless, such faults as may remain must be attributed to ourselves only.

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