Atlas of Canine and Feline Periphera Blood Smears

The Hematology Atlas of Canine and Feline Peripheral Blood Smears is created to be a “scope-side” visual atlas of normal and abnormal findings on dog and cat peripheral blood smears.

Atlas of Canine and Feline Periphera Blood Smears

Atlas Of Canine And Feline Periphera Blood Smears

Our aim is to provide veterinary students, veterinary technicians, practicing veterinarians, and veterinary residents with a large number of logically organized, high quality photomicrographs that are useful in learning to identify normal and abnormal peripheral blood findings and enjoyable to view. Each entity is fully characterized by multiple photomicrographs, taken at varying magnifications and encompassing variations in morphological features. Additionally, there are several special mosaic photomicrographs constructed of similar-appearing and often confused elements that enables careful comparison for quick microscopic differentiation. The concise text provides a quick and detailed description of each microscopic finding being emphasized to compliment the cor-responding photomicrographs.

Emphasized are normal cellular findings and common abnormal findings, in particular, RBC and WBC morphology changes, hemoparasites, and infectious agents. A section on leukemia is provided to offer an overview of the different types of leukemias in dogs and cats, with an emphasis on the challenges of differentiating between the different cellular origins of leukemia based solely on light microscopy and thus the need for specialist review and further diagnostics. The authors sincerely hope this atlas will provide a means to develop a strong foundation in blood smear evaluation, and serve as valued reference for anyone interested in hematopathology.

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