Animal Physiotherapy Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals 2nd Edition PDF. The aim of this book is to provide physiotherapists and interested others with a broad base of information on animal physiotherapy; the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of animals.

Animal Physiotherapy Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Animals 2nd Edition PDF

Animal Physiotherapy Assessment, Treatment And Rehabilitation Of Animals 2nd Edition PDF

Physiotherapy (called physical therapy in some countries) is an established, independent profession with an excellent reputation for evidence-based practice. In the medical field, physiotherapists form an essential part of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory care from paediatrics to geriatrics and sports medicine. Physiotherapy research has led human medical advancement in areas such as back and pelvic pain, whiplash and women’s health.

The positive perception of physiotherapy in the human sphere, together with an increased awareness of options and expertise available for animals, has resulted in a demand for physiotherapy for animals.

Physiotherapists provide a functional assessment to identify pain or loss of function caused by a physical injury, disorder or disability and they use techniques to reduce pain, improve movement and restore normal muscle control for better motor performance and function.

Physiotherapists can provide equivalent levels of care and follow-up treatment for their animal patients, as they can for people. In small animal surgery, the demand for postoperative physiotherapy has paralleled the increase in surgical options for small animal patients. Elite equine athletes and their riders now access a team of professionals including the veterinarian–animal physiotherapist team. More and more people prefer to opt for treatments where they can see progressive results, professional teamwork and high levels of care and expertise.

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