Animal Nutrition From Theory to Practice

Good nutrition underpins the profitability and sustainability of animal production enterprises. It is probably the

Animal nutrition, from theory to practicemain single factor impacting on animal welfare across all species, is a key determinant of the impact of animals on the environment, and drives a global feed industry worth more than US$500 billion per annum. The global demand for animal protein is rapidly expanding at the same time as consumers in developed countries are demanding cheaper meat, milk and eggs and pressing for the removal of antibiotics and growth promotants in animal production.

Consumers are also demanding higher standards of animal welfare in production systems. Many of these demands can be met through sound nutritional management, but this will only be realised if a scientific, evidence-based approach is taken. Unfortunately, many aspects of nutrition are heavily influenced by marketing claims, often with little, or no, supporting evidence. There are also many self-appointed nutrition ‘experts’, particularly in pet nutrition, who compromise the lifespan and quality of life of pets by poor nutritional practices.

This text provides an evidence-based approach as the basis for development of practical nutrition solutions for the management of the major companion and production animals.

Most texts on animal nutrition focus in depth on one animal species or class of animal (e.g. ruminants) or cover several species, but at a more superficial level. This text is aimed at senior undergraduate students and graduates working with animals as veterinarians, animal nutritionists or animal production specialists in the field, and provides an in-depth and up-to-date coverage of the nutrition of all the major companion and production animals (horses, cats, dogs, camelids, deer, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, beef and dairy cattle). Given the importance of grazing animals in global food supply and environmental management, a detailed chapter on grazing animal nutrition is included.

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The text was developed using an evidence-based approach to nutrition and is heavily referenced to allow further reading and verification of concepts. Readers can garner key concepts quickly by reading the summaries at the start of each chapter or reading the breakout panels, while those wanting more depth can delve into detailed sections and further reading. The text is rich in drawings and flow charts designed to make it easy for reader to grasp often complex concepts in anatomy, physiology and nutrition.

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