Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Pain Management for Veterinary Technicians

by Janet Amundson Romich, Published: 2021, FileType: PDF

Anesthesia, analgesia, and pain management for veterinary technicians

Packed with learning tools, Romich’s ANESTHESIA, ANALGESIA, AND PAIN MANAGEMENT FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS explains the science of anesthesia and how that knowledge is applied to a clinical setting. Detailed photos and illustrations help you understand complex content. Critical thinking questions and case studies sharpen your critical thinking and multitasking skills. And national board exam style multiple choice questions help prepare you for certification exams. Pharmacology coverage details the “hows and whys” of a drug’s action, while numerous examples demonstrate how to perform drug dose and fluid calculations. Additional online resources include mathematics reviews, anesthesia records, anesthesia monitoring guidelines and pain scales. Delivering the “missing pieces,” this first edition equips you with a thorough understanding of how to perform responsible anesthesia

The practice of anesthesia is an art. Art motivates us as veterinary professionals to have compassion for patients that suffer from conditions that need our intervention. The art of anesthesia can take on many forms. General anesthesia, a controlled unconsciousness, ensures patient safety by alleviating their overall perception of pain and movement so that a surgical incision can be made or a bone fracture repaired.

In contrast, local anesthesia reduces pain perception in a limited area such as an injection of a local anesthetic around a laceration so that it can be cleaned and sutured in a sedated patient. For some procedures, local anesthesia may be faster, safer, and less stressful to patients and veterinary staff versus placing the animal under full general anesthesia. For other procedures, general anesthesia is required to ensure adequate reduction of pain sensation to patients and safety to all parties. The beauty of anesthesia is that it takes on many forms that require a series of decisions to be made by well-trained, competent anesthetists.

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