Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals, Second Edition offers a detailed introduction to the foundations of anatomy and physiology in a wide range of domestic species.

Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals 2nd Edition

Anatomy And Physiology Of Domestic Animals 2nd Edition

As we originally concluded, the study of physiology goes hand-in-hand with consideration of anatomy at multiple levels. While the fundamental focus of this text is physiology, we have strived to include sufficient system, organ, tissue, and cellular anatomy for students to better appreciate the integration of both topics. In short, structure and function are intimately interconnected. Our book is rich with illustrations that we believe add interest and enhance understanding.

Moreover, we have made all of these illustrations available to instructors who adopt the book for use in their classes. We have also increased the use of text box highlights to provide examples to compel student interest and inquiry. Chapter summaries and sample questions for both the student and instructor, as well as specific websites for each, will increase the utility of the text as well.

As before, our overriding goal with this edition is to provide foundations for undergraduate students in agricultural and biological sciences to be successful in upper-level specialty courses such as nutrition, reproduction, lactation, growth biology, biotechnology, and the like. We also anticipate that this text will provide new graduate students with a readily understandable source for review of basic principles.

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