Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians

by Melanie Dobromylskyj

Anatomic pathology for veterinary clinicians

Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians PDF, A concise guide for practising vets on anatomic pathology, this book aids the reader’s understanding of pathology, thus allowing optimisation of diagnostic tests.

This first chapter helps clinicians optimize their samples when submitting tissues to the laboratory for histopathological assessment; this includes both the submission form and the tissue sample itself. We will take a look at some clinical history ‘dos and don’ts’, some good and less good examples of sample packaging and at some of the issues that arise when samples are not fixed sufficiently, or are crushed, cauterized or otherwise mishandled. There will also be an overview of what happens to samples once they arrive at the laboratory, from trimming through to the final, often digitized, slides viewed by the reporting pathologist.

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Anatomic Pathology for Veterinary Clinicians will teach practitioners how to:

– take quality biopsy samples to get better results

– understand histopathology reports

– know when additional tests are warranted and are likely to give clinically useful information.

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