An Introduction To Human–Animal Relationships: A Psychological Perspective

By Clive R. Hollin, Published: 2021, FileType: PDF

An introduction to human–animal relationships

A second strand feeding into writing this book came from taking over the teaching of a first-year undergraduate course called Approaches to Psychology. In 1972, when I was a first-year undergraduate, this course would have been called History and Theory. When preparing my course, I was reminded that animals of various kinds played a pivotal role in the work of several of the great figures in the history of psychology. In contemporary psychology, the use of animals in mainstream psychology has rather gone out of fashion although, of course, the more biologically inclined psychologists conduct some of their work on rodents and other animals. Anthrozoology Human–Animal Interactions in Domesticated and Wild Animals

An Introduction to Human-Animal Relationships is a comprehensive introduction to the field of human-animal interaction from a psychological perspective across a wide range of themes. Hollin examines the topic of the relationships between humans and animals as seen in owning a companion animal alongside more indirect relationships such as our approaches to eating meat. The core issues under discussion include the moral and ethical issues raised in using animals for entertainment, in therapy, to keep us safe, and in sports such as horse racing.

The justifications for hunting and killing animals as sport and using animals in scientific experimentation are considered. The closing chapter looks to the future and considers how conservation and climate change may influence human-animal relationships. This key text brings an important perspective to the field of human-animal studies and will be useful to students and scholars in the fields of psychology, sociology, animal welfare, anthrozoology, veterinary science, and zoology.

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