Abdominal Ultrasound in Cats and Dogs, an Illustrated Reference Value Guide

by Adriana Meirelles, Paulo Aguillera, Publish: 2021, FileType: PDF

Abdominal ultrasound in cats and dogs, an illustrated reference value guide

This Abdominal Ultrasound in Cats and Dogs: An Illustrated Reference Value Guide in small animals is the perfect book for you to use on your daily routine to evaluate whether the dimensions of your patient’s anatomical structures are within normality. Additionally, this guide will be helpful while writing your ultrasound exam report. This guide brings the most commonly used reference values of the abdominal ultrasound in cats and dogs. The authors, Adriana Meirelles and Paulo Aguillera, have carefully selected the values from well-known scientific articles and ultrasound imaging books. All sections contain images that illustrate the measurements.

This is a really useful book. Being able to quickly look up values on my phone in the kindle app while scanning and writing reports will be very useful. I’d recommend this to any vets with an interest in ultrasound. The book doesn’t show how to find the organs and structures but helps give reference values and ranges and shows with images where you should measure. The 10-minute Abdominal Ultrasound to Facilitate Diagnosis of Colic

During our years practicing veterinary ultrasound, we perceived the need to check reference values while writing our reports. In many instances, these values are used all the time and are widely known. In other situations, however, details regarding these values may be quite overwhelming, and the chances of making mistakes increase if we do not revisit these numbers.

From our experience as mentors for hundreds of veterinary sonographers in our Ultrasound Club, it became clear that these professionals need an easy, yet safe, way of checking reference values in their daily routine. Because of that, an old project was reborn, and we created our first publication to help our colleagues. All values presented here were carefully checked in scientific publications and compiled in this illustrated reference guide of abdominal ultrasound in cats and dogs.

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