A–Z of Cat Health and First Aid – A Holistic Veterinary Guide for Owners PDF. There is a saying, ‘You own a dog, but you feed a cat’. I think this sums up quite well the intriguing nature of the relationship we have with cats.

A–Z of Cat Health and First Aid – A Holistic Veterinary Guide for Owners PDF

A–Z Of Cat Health And First Aid A Holistic Veterinary Guide For Owners PDF

Somehow, we can never possibly ‘own’ them in the same way as we may think we own pet dogs – cats are far too independent, far too aloof for all that. Instead, cats may choose to share their lives with us or, just possibly, move on elsewhere if circumstances are not to their liking! Quite a large percentage of the life of a pet cat often takes place outside the home, a whole complex web of usually nocturnal activities and routines of which owners are blissfully unaware.

Most cat owners say that it is this quality of independence, mystery and resourcefulness that they find most appealing about their pets. This as well as all their individual quirks and habits of course. They are, in many ways, the ideal pet for people who do not have the time, space or energy to devote to a dog, or for those who seek out the spiritual side of life, because cats have always signified that.

My own experience of cats comes from those I have lived with, and of course from the very many cats I have treated as a veterinary surgeon. I find cats almost as varied and complex as people – there is the full spectrum of ‘personalities’ present, from the enormous placid lumps of feline contentment to the sleek, nervy spitfires that seem to say, ‘Look at me in the wrong way and I’ll fly!’

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