A Field Guide to Hawks North America 2nd Edition – William S Clark; Brian K Wheeler; National Audubon Society.; National Wildlife Federation, This is an outstanding book. The plates are excellent, and the species accounts and range maps really round out the book nicely.

A Field Guide to Hawks North America 2nd Edition

A Field Guide To Hawks North America 2e
This field guide is “just what the doctor ordered”. The introduction is actually a well-developed “primer” that prepares the birder very well to tackle the task of identifying the raptors in a relatively easy and efficient manner. The plate pages and species accounts are extremely well-presented thus enabling the hawk aficionado to make rapid progress.

I will add a simple observation. In any given area of North America the number of species likely to be found on a resident basis, is relatively few. Thus if a birder will thoroughly familiarize themselves with the raptors just in their home area – perhaps even choosing the most common to study in depth and use as a “reference species”, they will soon have developed a mental framework that is of great help in identifying raptors in other areas and/or migrants passing through their “home skies”.

The book itself contains a ton of incredible information. I am learning more about Hawks and birds than I ever thought I could. I’m giving it three stars, as the book came with a bent cover, and seems poorly constructed. The vinyl covering on the front is bubbled as well. Kind of frustrating. I expect it to do this after weeks or months of use.

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