Virus Diseases in Laboratory and Captive Animals

Virus Diseases in Laboratory and Captive Animals, The prime objective of this book is to create new knowledge within the medical disciplines and inspire colleagues working in this field with the unity and unambiguous importance of this science and its technologies for identifying, clarifying and planning new strategies for curing and preventing disease.

Virus Diseases in Laboratory and Captive Animals

Virus Diseases In Laboratory And Captive Animals

The influence of basic science, particularly molecular biology, in human and veterinary medicine revolutionized thinking in many aspects and changed fundamentally and creatively the classical strategy for research and prevention of infectious diseases.

This book contains original studies on the molecular biology of animal viruses. Some of the viruses discussed in this book are also hazardous to man. In this light it can be considered as a contribution to modern education on the human infectious diseases. From this point of view the book contains a chapter on Hantaan virus that causes no detectable disease in animals but hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome has been attributed to infection of humans by this virus.

The book is addressed primarily to professional investigators, though I hope that junior and senior scientists who seek to know the actual progress in virology may also find it of interest. The study of this book will give the reader who is interested in understanding the molecular aspects and mechanisms of in­fectious viral diseases, a new tool for providing a clear perspective of the technology for search of the viral pathogen.

Each chapter endeavoured to present concise data of those aspects of most interest to the scientist and key literature references are provided for those who wish to read further. There are some new topics that should be considered as pilot technology but their implica­tions are not yet realized and need more investigations to be developed further.

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