Small Animal Cardiology

Small Animal Cardiology, The Practical Veterinarian series was developed to help veterinary students, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians find answers to common questions quickly.

Small Animal Cardiology

Small Animal Cardiology

Unlike large textbooks, which are filled with detailed information and meant to serve as reference books, all the books in The Practical Veterinarian series are designed to cut to the heart of the subject matter. Not meant to replace the reference texts, the guides in our series complement the larger books by serving as an introduction to each topic for those learning the subject matter for the first time or as a quick review for those who already have mastered the basics of each subject.

The titles for the books in our series are selected to provide information for the most common subjects one would encounter in veterinary school and veterinary practice. The authors are experienced and established clinicians who can present the subject matter in an easy-to-understand format. This helps both the first-time student of the subject and the seasoned practitioner to assess information often difficult to comprehend.

It is our hope that the books in The Practical Veterinarian series will meet the needs of readers and serve as a constant source of practical and important information. We welcome comments and suggestions that will help us improve future editions of the books in the series.

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