Common Diseases of Companion Animals 2nd Edition

Common Diseases of Companion Animals 2nd Edition, Veterinary technicians serve a wide variety of functions in the clinical setting.

Common Diseases of Companion Animals 2nd Edition

Common Diseases Of Companion Animals 2nd Edition
Although they are not diagnosticians, they do assist the veterinarian, through assessment and laboratory procedures, in arriving at a diagnosis. Perhaps their most important functions are in treatment planning/implementation and client/patient follow-up and compliance. To perform these duties effectively, they need a strong understanding of diseases.

While teaching a course on small-animal diseases for veterinary technology students, I discovered there was no text written expressly for the veterinary technician that covered this material. I realized that a handy reference was needed that offered a description of the most common diseases encountered in companion animals, including clinical signs, diagnostic tests and laboratory work, treatment, prevention, and client information. Just as important, this book seeks to delineate the role of the technician in all phases of diagnosis, treatment, and client communication.

This new edition of Common Diseases of Companion Animals has been expanded. It now covers many more species of companion animals, including horses, goats, reptiles, birds, and small mammals. It is a collection of both clinical and practical information concerning diseases seen frequently in clinical practice. Tech Alerts are included throughout the text to emphasize the role of the technician in the total care of the patient. This book is written as a text for veterinary technology students and as a reference for daily clinical practice. It is not intended to be a comprehensive medical text; rather, the goal of this work is to acquaint veterinary technicians with disease processes and their treatments so that they may better educate their clients.

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