Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 2nd Edition. In this textbook, we have provided state‐of‐the‐art information that addresses the complex issues faced by veterinarians, veterinary technicians, physical therapists, and others interested in helping canine patients recover from injury, especially those returning to work, sport, or active lives.

Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 2nd Edition

Canine Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation 2nd Edition
We have gathered the top experts in the fields of veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation, each of whom has provided their unique, evidence‐based knowledge. More than a third of the authors are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Their contributions are complemented by those of a number of highly experienced physical therapists who have contributed their knowledge from years of experience working in the field of canine rehabilitation of sporting and working dogs. We were overwhelmed by the willingness of this highly motivated, but highly overworked group to commit their knowledge and experiences to paper. Their material presented here is broad in scope, and deep in science and experience. It has been an honor to compile their extensive and well‐written information to create the definitive text on sports medicine and rehabilitation.
This text provides residents, interns, veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, and physical therapy professionals with a resource for their daily practice as well as a basis for future research. This text addresses the needs of this group in several ways, by providing:
● The basic science of exercise physiology, nutrition, and physical therapy concepts.
● The current veterinary approaches to common canine injuries and developmental disorders.
● The current physical therapist’s approach to these injuries and impairments.
● Current and cutting edge science to enable the practice of evidence‐based medicine.
● Business concepts essential to running a successful sports medicine/rehabilitation practice.
● Case examples in each chapter to better illustrate the concepts covered.
The evidence base available to us is incomplete, but growing daily. We have compiled the evidence currently available, adding those techniques that have proven successful in the hands of our highly experienced authors. The editors and authors of this textbook firmly believe that applying the currently available science, adapting techniques that show promise in the field, and sharing our findings will help this field to grow to the level expected by our dog‐owning clients, and deserved by our canine friends.

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